Sunday, August 17, 2008

Quack Doctors and a box of tricks.

Today was an interesting day to say the least…I met my first genuine herbalist doctor. I humored my mother by driving to see this doctor at his clinic. Upon arrival I waited for an hour in the waiting area overhearing his conversation with another patient. Some of the crucial remarks I heard…

“Not enough blood flow”

“Lungs are weak”

“Stress is playing a factor”

When my turn arrived I said nothing, simply let him do his thing and “feel” my pulse. After feeling my pulse he asked what ailed me, “Ulcerative Colitis” I naturally responded. He dragged me into his long winded explanation on how the condition is curable, and I must regulate my body’s energy. He also not that like the previous patient my “Lungs were weak”, “Stress was playing a factor”, and he even through in “poor circulation”. My mother puts a lot of stock into this type of medicine as it is what she was raised on. I on other hand could see through his façade easily. I simply nodded my head until it was time for me to leave.

I love my mother to death but I can’t believe she would ever waste time or money on someone like this. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for alternative medicine but this guy is a straight up quack doctor. Never mind the simple facts that my “lungs” are not weak. I run a sub six minute mile on a bad. Or the fact that I often run twice a day (morning and night), off to boxing, go to jiu jitsu practice, and then it’s a 30minute lifting session to end the night. While we’re at it lets just ignore the fact that I’ve been fighting for the better of the last three years. Last and not least lets ignore the fact that nurse after my colonoscopy and I had a nice chat about why my resting heart rate would dip to 38bpm and set off the alarms. Obviously I have a pretty poor cardiovascular system.

I’m waiting for my ulcerative colitis to go into remission and hopefully stay there for good. My drug regime buys me a window of time each day where I can make it through practice and have just a few precious hours to myself. Each day I am slowly noticing less blood. As a competitive athlete it’s hard to imagine life without training or competition. Someone once said, “It is a person’s actions that define them.” Every day is a gift and must be treated as one.

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jmp4z7 said...

Be careful I have learned that there are alot of alternative ideas out there that are people trying to make money off of anyone with chronic conditions.