Monday, February 9, 2009

Doing Well!

Haven’t update much lately, I’ve been very busy with the new semester in school. I am a senior, can you believe it? When we were young people taught us that education was the key and that once you had it the world would be yours. Unfournately the real world doesn’t work out to be so warm and cuddly. I am graduating into the worst job market…well….probably just about ever, which leaves me two choices. A.) Find a Job or B.) Go to grad school. Needless to say I’ve gone with option B, 70+ resumes and 2 interviews later I am still jobless. I need to maintain my insurance as well (another deciding factor here), one of the medications I’m on is literally $500 (ouch) a month without insurance.

As far as my social life is concerned I am back to normal, living and enjoying the things that I almost had taken away thanks to Ulcerative Colitis. I run, lift weights, practice martial arts and sports. I appreciate life a whole lot more now that I am almost “normal”. I think going through these types of hardships in general help strengthen your spirit as a person. I can only imagine what thoughts go through other people’s heads with more serious conditions. Those being said, enjoy your friends, family, and others. Life is too short to hold grudges or be angry all the time. Even the people you don’t see too often or that live far away think of them and hold them close to your heart. This one goes out to you...

Current Drug Regime:

Lialda 4.8Gm/Day
Prednisone 20mg/day

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sahary said...

love u aaronpoo!!!!! im gld things are going great. i feel the EXACT same way about insurance. i graduate this may but will take post-bac classes so i can stay on my moms insurance. i plan on going to korea in the spring for grad school (cross ur fingers) and that will also allow me to stay under my moms insurance :)

today was the LAST treatment (YAYYYY) and im ready to start being normal again. we'll see how that goes haha i dont remember HOW to be/feel normal.

miss u lots <3 HUMONGO HUG FOR U!